ZRP reshuffles cops, Harare dominates list


THE Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has transferred 600 Harare based officers between the rank of inspector and commissioner, in a development expected to improve efficiency in the police service.

Inspectors, chief inspectors, superintendents, chief superintendents, assistant commissioners and commissioners were reshuffled to different provinces effective Monday.

 A total of 753 were reshuffled and Harare dominated the list with insiders saying they were trying to curb corruption which was rife in urban areas.

In a police memo gleaned by Zim Morning Post, the transfers were with immediate effect.

Police national spokesperson Paul Nyati is on record saying there was nothing sinister about reshuffling and transfers.

“There is nothing unusual. ZRP’s routine transfers are meant to strengthen the operational effectiveness of the organisation.

“Transfers are also part of the measures of improving performance,” he was quoted as saying.

Recently,  ZRP reshuffled at least 700 senior officers from ranks between superintendent and commissioner.

Of the 700, 128 were assistant commissioners and senior assistant commissioners while the rest were superintendents and chief superintendents.

Some of the senior officers were moved from different departments within the ZRP and the force was on record saying the  restructuring of the police was not a witch-hunt, but a deliberate exercise to improve service delivery.


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