PSC dumps senior pensioners; group goes without allowance increments since January


SENIOR government pensioners have up to now not have their allowances increased, while those on the lower rung had theirs effected in March and backdated to January, Zim Morning Post can report.

Government pension allowances are determined by periodic salary reviews of those still serving in government.

“Our pension allowances have not been increased yet.

“Other government pensioners got their respective pension allowance increases way back in March,” said one senior pensioner who preferred anonymity.

According to a Statutory Instrument that guides allowances due to government pensioners, each pension grade gets a certain percentage in  allowances of the salary their counterparts in government service are awarded.

“It is six months now, and we haven’t received what is due to us.

“As senior government pensioners, we also suffer the same economic hardships that all ordinary citizens are exposed to,” said the Zim Morning Post source.

This publication visited the Public Service Commission about three weeks back to get a clearer picture of what was going on with regards the pension allowance increments of this group.

Zim Morning Post was referred to one Yvonne Gundu by the office of the PSC chairperson, Jonathan Wutawunashe.

This reporter was asked to put in writing all issues relating to senior pensioners’ concerns.

No response has come yet from the PSC despite this publication making another follow up to the same Gundu last week.

“What is now worrying many of us is that public servants are currently in negotiations with the PSC to get another salary review.

“As senior government pensioners, we are now anxious about whether or not what government owes us will ever come,” the senior government pensioner added.

At the weekend, several online publications and newspapers suggested that processes were already underway to review salaries of all public servants.


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