ZRP officer goes rogue, steals biscuits as economy tanks

A JUNIOR Police officer is in custody after he waylaid a woman in Rushinga and attempted to steal her plastic bag containing cash US$904, RTGS $389 and Cream Biscuits, police said. 

This comes as petty crimes are on the increase on the back of a sharp rise in the cost in the cost of living.

Social experts point to increasing poverty levels as the reason behind the major cause to erosion of the country’s social fabric. 

Police said they had apprehended constable Frank Ndlukula, a male adult aged 32 years of Z.R.P Rushinga Staff Quarters and charged him with robbery.

Junior officers earn less RTGS$500. 

“The accused person is a member of The Police Service, currently stationed at Z.R.P Rushinga. He is currently on vacation leave and he committed the offence whilst off duty,” police said in a memorandum explaining the circumstances surrounding the case. 

“On the 30th day of May 2019 at around 1800 hours and at Kanoz Wholesale Shop, Rushinga, the complainant (Esnath Nyaunye, 39) closed her shop after a day’s sales. She collected her daily takings and put it in a plastic bag and walked towards her home.”

Police said Nyaunye was walking along Rushinga – Mt Darwin road and was being escorted by her security guard, Patrick Nyamaharo, a male adult aged 45 years of Magaranhewe Primary School, Rushinga.

“At around 1830 hours as they were walking, the accused person emerged from the side of the road covering his face with a blue and white scarf. He suddenly grabbed the complainant and violently pulled away the plastic bag containing US$904-00 cash, RTGS $389-00 cash, 150 Grammes of Cream Biscuits and one Point of Sell Machine and ran away towards the bush,” police said.

“The complainant and the security guard chased after the accused person while calling out, ‘thief!’, which attracted the attention of the general public. The security guard caught up with the accused person and they both fell to the ground as the accused person was resisting arrest.

“The security guard was assisted by number 083094T Constable Pindani and 074972Q Constable Mutambiranwa, all of Z.R.P Rushinga who were off duty but were walking along the said road.”

All stolen property was recovered upon accused person’s arrest by the public. 

The identity of the accused person was revealed when the scarf was removed from his face.