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Chombo trial date set

Chombo trial date set

Former Finance Minister Ignatius Chombo will face trial on March 7 for allegedly defrauding the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s Crops and Livestock support facility of Z$14 billion and corruptly acquiring land from City of Harare.

Harare magistrate Stanford Mambanje moved the matter to trial on Friday.

It is the State’s case that on the date unknown to the Prosecutor, but during the period extending from October 1 2005 to January 12, 2006, Chombo, unlawfully and with the intent to defraud the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, misrepresented that he was applying for a Capital Expenditure Loan under the Other Crops and Livestock Support Facility for the purpose of acquiring farm equipment knowingly that he intended to use the money for other purposes.

Acting on the misrepresentation, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe processed and issued Chombo a loan amount of Z$14 billion for the purpose of acquiring farm equipment.

Chombo then used the money to purchase two Toyota Hilux Vigo motor vehicles thereby causing prejudice to the good administration of the “Other Crops and Livestock support facility”.

It was also alleged that on a date unknown to the Prosecutor but during the period extending from September 2, 2006 to March 25, 2008 and at Ministry of Local Government Public Works and National Housing, Chombo who at the material time was the Minister of Local Government Public Works and National Housing and such a Public Officer, who took oath to uphold the Constitution and all other laws of Zimbabwe for the good management of the public affairs of Zimbabwe and perform the duties of the office faithfully, unlawfully and intentionally acted contrary to or inconsistently with his duties.

He is said to have corruptly acquired from City of Harare a property, namely Subdivision 61 Helensvale, Harare, knowingly that City of Harare had applied for change of use from a public place to space for cluster houses and registered it under Harvest-Net Enterprises (Private) Limited a company he owned thereby showing favour to Harvest -Net Enterprises and disfavour to City of Harare.

Chombo trial date set