ZRP condemns the misuse of social media

THE Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) on Tuesday advised the public to desist from sharing disturbing images.

The ZRP pleaded with the public to stop recording scenes of fatal road traffic accidents, dead bodies, suicide, drowning and other gory scenes, saying this had the capacity to cause more harm to those either directly or indirectly affected.

“Let us be considerate; imagine receiving the passing on of a beloved one on social media; think about it,” police said in a statement.

The police noted that there was a disturbing flow of Images of dead bodies, violent acts, wreckages and other sensitive scenes on social media platforms.

According to the ZRP, these images are peddled on social media without regard to the negative effects.

ZRP said it was, therefore, making a passionate appeal to the public to be considerate as, for instance, receiving news of the passing on of a close one from social media was heartbreaking.