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Zimsec Harsh Verdict : Nine Years in Jail for Exam Leakers

Zimsec Harsh Verdict : Nine Years in Jail for Exam Leakers

Zimsec has announced a harsh verdict for exam leakers, as they now face nine years in jail for leaking examinations papers.

Cracking Down on Leaks

Acknowledging the abuse of regulations by profit-seeking individuals involved in paper leaks, Zimsec partnered with the Attorney-General to formulate tougher penalties. Penalties will be officially published in the near future.

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Deterrence through Regulations

Ms Nicolette Dlamini, Public Relations Manager emphasized that the new regulations will act as a strong deterrent for potential offenders.

“Integrity systems cannot be fully divulged at this stage as this would defeat the purpose of them being secure,” she stated.

The grade seven exams are scheduled to commence on September 25, while O and A level exams will begin on November 16.

Nine-Year Prison Sentence

Under the amended regulations, anyone caught in possession of Zimsec papers will face a rigorous nine-year imprisonment sentence. The introduction of stricter penalties aims to counteract the previous lenient sentences that some individuals took advantage of.

“Anyone caught with Zimsec papers this time around is given a nine-year imprisonment sentence,” stated Ms Dlamini. “There is no community service, because some people were taking advantage of the light sentences imposed by the courts.”

Nullification of Results

The board will nullify the results of candidates found with question papers before the examination. Same action will be taken against candidates involved in distributing exam papers prior to the tests.

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These individuals will be eligible to write their exams only after four examination sessions.

Improved Security Measures

Transportation of question papers and answer transcripts will now be accompanied by enhanced security measures to prevent unauthorized access.

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Past Incidents and Convictions

Last year, 11 exam papers were leaked, leading to the conviction of over 100 individuals, including school headmasters, teachers, police officers, and learners. These incidents highlight the urgency of addressing corruption within the education system.