Zim skies not safe for flying public

AIR travel in Zimbabwe is not safe for the flying public following revelations made by Air  Traffic controllers that the operational environment and surveillance system equipment does not meet world’s best practice.

“We are concerned as air traffic controllers with the increased danger to the flying public 

“There has been consistent failure and malfunction of the communication and surveillance system and general neglect of the operational environment,” said our inside source.

The air controllers have threatened to stage a sit in against the poor and dangerous operational environment and also the  need of an upward review of their salaries.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (Caaz) is aware of the developments and the challenge has been haunting the aviation body since 2007.

When David Chaota was chief executive he promised to intervene and convened several meetings which did not change the situation. 

‘Our skies are not safe and our pockets have holes we need salary adjustments,” said our source.

The director of Air Navigation and Technical Services, Blessed Ngwarai is on record bemoaning the risks surrounding our skies because of lack of surveillance equipment. 

The air controllers have also cited financial incapacitation demotivated them in delivering their  safety sensitive tasks which requires maintenance of Class C Aviation Medical requirements.

“We need not over emphasize nor exaggerate the effect and associated impact of these stressors for individuals engaged in safety sensitive work. Fatigued and stressed ATC personnel are a danger to the lives of the flying public,” read part of statement issued by Air Controllers Association.