MDC Youth Assembly demonstrates against Sikhala’s arrest

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Youth Assembly staged a demonstration today at Harare Central Police Station against what they called “arbitrary arrest of opposition leaders” by the police force.

The demonstrators held placards demanding the freedom of MDC Vice Chairman Job Sikhala who was arrested yesterday on charges of subverting a constitutionally elected government.

Speaking to this publication on the sidelines of the demonstration Youth Assembly Stephen Sarkozy Chuma said  

“We were aggrieved by the way the police are treating members of the opposition, in particular, the arrest of the VC Job Sikhala and Youth Secretary-General Gift Ostalos Siziba who were arrested for political statements that were said on Sunday”

The youths accused the police officers of closing the gate when they went to the central police denying them access to see the two.

“We got angry when we were denied to see our comrades who are in police detention and we felt this was a deprivation of their rights and ours also because it’s a right to see your relative when they are in custody”.

Sikhala is being charged for plotting to overthrow the government whilst Ostallos is being charged with incitement to commit public violence after a speech at a rally in Glenorah.

The two are expected to appear in court.