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18 magistrates flee JSC due to poor salaries – Malaba

Dozens flee JSC due to poor salaries – Malaba

Eighty eight Judicial Service Commission (JSC) employees including 18 magistrates resigned in 2021 citing poor remuneration as the main cause for shunning the Commission, Chief Justice Luke Malaba has said.

Malaba made the remarks on Monday while officiating the traditional opening of the 2022 legal year.

This also comes as morale among civil servants is low as a result of meager salaries which remain stagnant against increasing prices of products and services.

“The JSC witnessed a high staff turnover in the year under review because of low salaries. During the year under review, the JSC lost a total of 88 members of the staff through resignations,” said Chief Justice Malaba.

He made a clarion call to government to urgently review salaries of its employees to stall the brain drain.

“In view of the economic environment that is prevailing in the country at the moment, workers in the public sector including members in the Judicial Service Commission continue to experience financial hardships due to low remuneration levels. It is therefore important that the government should constantly review the salaries of workers so that they remain relevant to the prevailing economic situation,” added Malaba.

Government employees have been clamouring to no avail for US$ salaries to hedge against skyrocketing inflation which has decimated the spending power of the local currency.

Government last week partially yielded to calls by its restive employees to pay them in US$ dollars after the former promised to pay US$75 COVID-19 allowance starting this January.

Dozens flee