Zim Morning Post rebrands

Zim Morning Post is proud to inform its various stakeholders, clients and readers that we have undergone a significant transformation leading to a new identity.

This new identity satisfies all of our expectations and the need to maintain the iconic and recognizable mark as our primary goal.

As our readership grows in leaps and bounds so also is the need to move the brand forward.

Established two months ago Zim Morning Post has been growing everyday, increasing in number of readers, team and clients. We are proud to say this week we will reach a milestone of 100 000 readers and the number continues to grow everyday. In reaching this milestone we have decided to honour our valued stakeholders by providing a brand that speaks into their needs. This was achieved by carefully deconstructing the existing mark and studying its fundamentals. This process informed our work and perspective as we approached the challenge of defining a new mark.

The rebranding will be done in a way that will see our website more appealing to our customers and showing the seriousness of our work which has seen many people depending on us for the most current Factual, Independent and Reliable news.

We have grown to become a household name and our unbiased reporting skills have helped us build confidence to our loyal readers who followed us from day one. This unbiased reporting has made us attract readers from all socio, economic-politico divide setting us apart from our competitors.

Our client base and readership has been evolving from the first day we started operating and we think it’s also important to match our look and presentation with our readership.

We have established a unique reporting skill of investigative journalism and we are proud to say this has been the major landmark in online news thus we will continue making this our unique selling point. In this quest we intend to improve the scope of our work in our newsroom by adopting and adapting to the world’s socio-technological trends, to enhance our product in a faster and convenient way.

As we grow our readership has expanded all over Africa our investigative journalism has earned us a reputation within the region and we have realised the importance of introducing a new column Africa News that shall be reporting on the Socio-Political issues in Africa. The column will feature guest writers from all over the region and shall be based on investigative journalism that we pride ourselves in.

We will continue working to ensure we maintain an unbiased Factual, Independent and Reliable news to all.

Managing Editor
Elias Mambo