Zim Fashion week founder Priscilla Chigariro’s upmarket club lounge in fresh controversy

UPMARKET lounge The Sp_ce owned by top model and Zimbabwe Fashion Week founder Priscilla Chigariro has announced that it is re-opening this Friday night , an action which is clear contempt of court.

Zim Morning Post gleaned the papers showing that the police had closed the place after establishing that the place was operating without a license. This publication also gleaned court documents filed this week by Samuel Chigariro, Priscilla’s father to have the place reopened.

An attempt to have the joint reopened through the Courts hit a brick wall on Tuesday after the judicial system shot it down.

There was an announcement of  the club’s re-opening slated for this Friday night.

A flyer was doing rounds on social media carrying the announcement.

Based in Ballantyne Park, the upmarket lounge  attracts a cross section of executives and socialites town but has been operating without a liquor license.

It has also been the venue for the Zimbabwe Fashion Week International  which attracts top models from across the world.

“It’s fascinating that we are re-opening today (Friday) still without a license.

“My bosses must have paid someone at Highlands police station so that the police will not disturb our operations today because I know for a fact that the license is not there,” said an employee who refused to be named for fear of reprisal.

Another employee said all customers and some staff members were dragged to the police station when the police raided the place and all paid fines

Priscilla could not be reached for comment but one of the directors, Samuel Chigariro who is her biological father acknowledged that they were working on getting a liquor license but could not shed finer details arguing that he was out of town and one of the owners was out of the country.

“Well, I would not want to talk much about this issue because the owner responsible for that is out of the country.

“After all, the Sp_ace has a lot of products on offer besides liquor so what can stop us from re-opening,” said Chigariro.

His response was however mind-boggling as to how a director who bears legal responsibility  for the actions of a limited company and who initiated the court case was clearly indicating that the decision to break the law rest with the shareholder who records show belongs to Priscilla Chigariro.