Zanu PF youth league breathes fire…it is D-Day for cartels

  • Zanu PF youth league says there are no sacred cows
  • All cartels across all sectors to be exposed
  • Analysts say its a manifestation of factionalism in Zanu PF

The Zanu PF youth League says it will not leave any stone unturned on Monday as it takes its fight to the cartels doorsteps, the Zim Morning Post has learnt.

In an interview with this publication ahead of its explosive media briefing, Godfrey Tsenengamu, the Youth league political commissar said the youths across the political platform are tired and now want action.

“This is every one’ s fight because the corruption that is taking place knows no political bounderies.

“We are ready to expose all the cartels and whoever fits the shoe will wear it.

“It is not about individuals but groups of people who are benefiting at the expense of the poor,” Tsenengamu said.

Tsenegamu also said the Youth League will not be whipped into submission by threats from very powerful cartels who have used their proximity to the highest offices to steal from the poor.

“We do not care where you come from or whom you eat with. As long as you are in this group of looters then our guns will point at you,” he said.

Over the past few days the youth league have built a momentum over their impending exposè with some opposition figures weighing in in support of the Zanu PF youth league’s move.

Investigations by this publication show that the youth league guns are pointed at cartels involved in the illegal hoarding of mealie meal at the country’ Grain Marketing Board Silos and selling it at exhorbitant prices in the streets.

The youths also want to renew their fight with fuel mogul Kuda Tagwirei of Sakunda Holdings whom they accuse of money laundering and subsequently fueling the black market exchange rates.

Sources said after Monday’s press conference the youths are planning a massive demonstration against cartels.

However, independent observers still believe the Zanu PF youth league fight is a manifestation of rising internal strife in the ruling party.

“This is a manifestion of factionalism which is engulfing the party.

“Let us wait and see who will be targeted this time around but it is very clear the fight is meantbto weaken one faction,” said one political analyst who requested not to be named.

“The other problem which is at the centre of all this is hunger. The targeted ‘cartels’ could have refused to fund these youths because it is common knowledge that some of the leaders have been dragged to courts over extortion charges.”

The deputy secretary for youths in the Zanu PF politburo Lewis Matutu has also vowed that Monday is the D-Day for the cartels and that he is not scared of losing his post to save the lives of the majority.

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