Zanu Pf youth activist castigates US sanctions

Zanu Pf youth activist John Muchenje has scoffed at the  the extension of sanctions by United States of America and submitted that they uncalled for and are evil to the development of Zimbabwe.

Registering  his dismay on micro-blogging site Facebook on Wednesday, Muchenje said the sanctions were not justified since the new dispensation had offered  democratic space as evidenced by peaceful elections.

“Sanctions are uncalled and unjustified for Zimbabwe, with all the efforts the new dispensation led by His excellency ED Mnangagwa has implemented to ensure a peaceful and democratic environment in the country, I call the sanctions extension by USA illegal  and satanic,” he wrote.

Muchenje went on to say that elections which were held last year were free and fair and  he blamed the August 1 violence on MDC A.

“If the Americans want to  impose sanctions they should do that on  Chamisa and his MDC A , they are the ones who called for people to violently demonstrate which led to death of people,” added Muchenje.

Muchenje believes that hostility approach on Zimbabwe has no  room in the Second Republic as President Mnangagwa is working on re engagement.

“That hostility approach has no room in the second Republic as the New Dispensation is busy working on re engagement,”

Zimbabwe  was slapped with more sanctions by the USA on Monday .