ZACC tightens screws on urban land barons


THE Justice Loice Matanda Moyo-led Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) is tightening screws around urban land scams with Harare being the first target, the Zim Morning Post has learnt.

Reports are that there are a number of land barons from Harare under investigation and among them is Harare Mayor Herbert Gomba.

Sources close to the Zim Morning Post have revealed that the mayor could be facing a dozen charges in relation to land scams.

They have sold all the infills without due process,” said an insider from the city council.

They are also disposing land that has been reserved for road expansion. People are fencing and securing all the pieces of land close to the main roads,” the source said.

The mayor is, however, not new to scandals as this publication once reported of his alleged involvement in illegal land deals.

Gomba and his alleged selected clique of Harare City  Council employees and councilors have been sucked in a massive land scam involving unprocedural sale of land running into hundreds of thousands dollars.

The clique is said to work in cahoots with unregistered estate agents who lure potential buyers and charge them money to be ‘smuggled’ onto the council waiting list before issuing them with land.

The alleged ‘cartel’ comprises of Hami Madzingira, Clifford Hlatshayo, and Glen Norah member of parliament Wellington Chikombo. 

Hlatshayo who is reported to be part of the syndicate is stationed at the City of Harare Fire Brigade department.

He is believed to be the lapdog who instructs MDC councillors around the country to approve land allocations for sale.

Investigations made by this publication established that the clique’s chief proxy is a woman named Mavis Madzivanzira who works as the bait.

When contacted for a comment, Gomba’s phone rang unanswered before directing the caller straight to voicemail.

Zacc is believed to be closing in on these land barons and many others in a bid to bring normalcy to the urban land and housing system.

The commission has been making headlines with its instigated reign of terror on suspected corrupt members ranging from politicians and private companies.

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