Will the ‘salty’ whip against corruption crack the right chords?


Opinion by Chief Reporter, Philemon Jambaya


CORRUPTION is the biggest driver of economic meltdown and this cancer has permeated across the social strata in Zimbabwe’s society.

Corruption has become ‘normal’ from the high offices to the ordinary man on the street but however the situation is where the rich  gets richer and the poor get poorer and middle class has ceased to exist.

In such an economy, some citizens have the audacity to flaunt unexplained wealth and acquisitions of luxurious vehicles, penthouses and throwing parties worth hundreds thousands of dollars.

Citizens celebrate this individuals without questioning the source of wealth or whether Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) is getting  taxes as expected in a serious nation.

Lifestyle audits go a long way in combating corruption.

When President Emmerson Mnangagwa was inaugurated in November 2017 he spoke about the need to fight corruption and vowed that his government  was going to fight corruption.

We hope the ‘salty’ whip against corruption will crack the right chords.

Two years down the line, we have only witnessed a few high profile arrests and low conviction rate.

The arrests however seem to be segregative and targeting mostly those who belonged to ZANU PF G-40 faction  which was fronted by the former first lady Grace Mugabe.

We are all wondering if the President is sincere and genuine in trying to fight corruption.

Mnangagwa is skating on thin ice as he risks stepping his foot on his friends’ toes and political allies- something which will cause political instability in ZANU PF.

We have seen  arrest of people I want to call Corruptionist but some are just released without being convicted, is this not a ‘catch and release’ game?

Recently, we have seen the appointment of an empowered Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commision (ZACC) which seem to be closing the net on Corruptionists and this has seen some of them shivering.

We hope and pray that rejuvenated ZACC will have no sacred cows and arrest even the perceived Mnangagwa friends.

Recently we have seen the ZANU PF youth league trying to expose big fish  within their own river and we hope this is being done in Uberrimae Fidei.

Their ‘name and shame’ mission is a double edged sword which also puts them at risk of being corrupt themselves as they seek inducements to be silent on some names.

Already, Henrieta Rushwaya made counter allegations against some of the Zanu PfF youth leaders.

At the rate of which ZACC is working , we expect a corrupt free society in the not so distance future.

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