‘We will unseat Mnangagwa’- Chamisa

GWERU – MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa today warned President Emmerson Mnangagwa that he will unseat him through a massive demonstration if his dialogue demands are not met.

While addressing thousands of his supporters at a well subscribed rally at Mkoba Stadium, dubbed the victory rally, Chamisa said most Zimbabweans have questions on what will happen if dialogue fails.

Most of you are worried and have questions on what would be our next step if Mnangagwa refuses our suggestions towards dialogue. Unseating him is now imminent.

No one should be worried because only then will we show him his unpopularity. We will send him the biggest crowd he has never seen (tinomutumira chaunga chechaunga). In simple words we will call him to step down constitutionally through a national demonstration,” Chamisa said.

He also further urged party supporters not to be scared off by Zanu PF activists who usually threaten unspecified actions towards them.

You must not be moved by threats from Zanu PF activists, soldiers or police because it is a fact that everyone now needs change.

What we are doing is to just give Mnangagwa a window to put whatsoever he has on offer. We will however not wait for long since he is not showing seriousness. Soon we will act,” Chamisa added.

The opposition leader also went on to declare that Zimbabwe is running under two administration, one chosen by the people (his) and the other appointed by the court.

“We even have two governments currently administering Zimbabwe that is ours which is people driven and the other that was appointed by the constitutional court. What we are saying is that the constitutional court being a court of law, it is not a court of the truth neither it is a court of politics.

SADC leaders often ask me why I say so and it is a fact that we have 28 out of 32 Mayoral posts in all cities meaning we administer the people at grassroots level,” he further said.