Varun Beverages axes striking workers


WORKERS at Varun Beverages who organised a flash protest against the beverages manufacturer over meagre salaries and poor working conditions will not have their contracts renewed, insiders told Zim Morning Post.

Varun Beverages employees on Monday and Wednesday held flash protests demanding improved working conditions.

Some held up placards decrying unfair labour conditions, low-wages, racism and sexual harassment.

The company’s workers earn an average ZWL$2,000 (US$20) a month.

 “It didn’t take our employers long to respond to the strike, it was a response of retaliation as they fired the workers who organised the demonstration,” said in an employee who requested anonymity.

Riot police later arrived at the company to quell tempers.

Varun Beverages recently set up a US$40 million beverages plant that produces a range of products that include Pepsi, Mirinda, Mountain Dew and 7Up.

The plant was opened by President Emmerson Mnangagwa who commended Varun Beverages for giving back to the community and partnering with Zimbabwe in business.



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