UZ students to get buns, buffalo for meals

The University of Zimbabwe Department of Accommodation and Catering Services (DACS)   has revisited the provision of meals to resident students following the current economic standing.

According to a statement issued by the Student Representative Council Friday  the  university has responded to the bread price increases and resorted to serving buns and maize meal porridge for breakfast.

“Bread prices have more than doubled and the DACS has resorted to a cheaper substitute, buns.

“Furthermore, the office has also noted that the buns are also not a sustainable solution hence DACS will  only serve buns for four days a week and maize meal porridge exclusively on the remaining three days,” read part of the statement.

Several other adjustments to the meals were introduced including the introduction of game meat in conjunction with the National Parks Parks of Zimbabwe who have offered to provide elephant meat for the students.

The University of Zimbabwe authorities could not be reached for comment and the  National Parks spokesperson Tinashe Farawo could neither confirm nor deny the arrangement but  promised to get back to us after consultations with his superiors in regards that matter.