Tumbling economy will turn people into ‘cannibals’, says Biti

Former minister of finance Tendai Biti said the continuous decline of the country’s economy and sharp increase in the price of food will soon force Zimbabweans to be ‘cannibals’.

Loosely translated, cannibals refers to people who eat each other.

He made the figurative expression in an interview with Zim Morning Post on the sidelines of the Workers’ Day celebration organized by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU) at Dzivarasekwa stadium on Wednesday.

’Cost of food has gone up, transport has gone up, cooking oil has gone up, airtime has gone up, so the worker is being suffocated by an irresponsible government and even business men are feeling the pressure and  are being called terrorists yet the real terrorists are the elites.

“If the situation continues like this in the next eight months Zimbabweans will end up cannibalizing each other ,’’ said Biti.

Biti said the government  has failed its people given the prevailing economic situation and he predicted an uprising should the current situation persists in the next eight months.

“There will be no change coming to the Zimbabwean citizens due to the fact that the government does not serve the interest of the people and workers are angry with the government because a worker is the major victim of the prevailing economic status of the country,” he said.

He also called for the removal of the  RTGS $ and return the multiple currency system.

“Only politicians are benefiting from this new currency because they go to the banks and get the US dollar on one as to one and flood the streets with their money.”

Biti stated that the government has not been honest with the austerity measures , a move that has caused the rapid increase in the inflation rate.

” The government must stop making the US dollar a commodity because once you commodify the US dollar it becomes a  subject to the laws of supply and demand and where there is a shortage its price shoot up that is why it has moved to 5.2 and by the end of this year it will be as high as 1  to 10 so we need common sense ,courage of conviction and we need honesty and Mtuli (Ncube) does not have that, Emmerson (Mnangagwa) does not have that, ZANU PF does not have that so the worker must be angry’’ �*?