Tsenengamu on spot-light as ZANU PF meets

  • Tsenengamu expulsion from Zanu PF  unravels
  • He  defies the party’s directive to go to Chitepo ideological college

OUTSPOKEN suspended Zanu PF youth leader Godfrey Tsenengamu’s life in the party hangs in the balance as Zanu PF meets.

This comes amid reports that Zanu PF’s highest decision making body in between congresses, the politburo is meeting to discuss the proposal to expel Tsenangamu today.

Last week Zanu PF Mashonaland Central province endorsed the expulsion of Tsenengamu.

This week Tsenengamu defied the ruling party directive to go to the Chitepo School of Ideology.

Writing on his Facebook wall on Monday, Tsenengamu reacted to the invitation to attend the Chitepo school of ideology: “Instructed to attend 5 day Basic Course at Chitepo Ideological College from today till Friday before the 3 month course in April.
My response – HANDIDI.”

The directive comes as a recommendation by ZANU PF’s Politburo after Tsenengamu and former deputy Youth Affairs Secretary Lewis Matutu held a press conference accusing President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s close allies of corruption

On his micro blogging Facebook handle, Tsenengamu rejected the invitation to a one week orientation programme.

“Ideologically I am up there, which is why I was elevated to the position I had. We cannot use Cde Chitepo’s name to protect corrupt elements. I am not going there. Those that made the recommendation should be the ones going to the school of ideology.”

Tsenengamu said he does not see where he and Matutu wronged the party.

“I do not see where we wronged the party. They said we flouted procedure yet they are the ones who tampered with the party constitution by failing to serve us with formal communication and give us an opportunity to defend our position before a disciplinary committee,”



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