Teachers ditch suits as economy bites

Teachers suits economy bites

Teachers ditch suits as economy bites

  • We cannot afford expensive dresses and suits while our stomachs are empty

AMID stagnant salaries and skyrocketing inflation, long suffering educationists say they are now too poor to adhere to prescribed dress codes.

Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) secretary general Raymond Majongwe on Thursday encouraged teachers to put on anything that “you can afford except nudity.”

The protest call comes as civil servants are feeling the full brunt of an unstable currency and skyrocketing prices of basic commodities.

Majongwe said “following intensive consultations with the generality of membership on dress code, comrades we are reiterating our position earlier communicated to the Public Service Commission that due to serious incapacitation it is increasingly becoming difficult to adhere to the prescribed dress code on duty.”

He added that the teachers do not receive “dressing allowance” and therefore have taken a position “to say when reporting for duty put on anything that you can afford.

Majongwe concluded: “We cannot afford expensive dresses and suits while our stomachs are empty.”

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