So we turned a year old today


By News Editor Nigel Pfunde

Rome was not built in a day!

TODAY marks the first anniversary of our publication, Zim Morning Post, which was born on February 6, 2019.

It was a journey where a vision was turned into reality and it took guts, wit, dedication and an optimistic mind for the journey to begin.

Starting off in a small office with a team of only four, naysayers wrote us off.

On the first day, the office had only two chairs, mine as news editor and and that of founding editor, Elias Mambo.

The chief reporter, Phil Jambaya, found comfort sitting directly on Mother Earth.

Our ammunition was the vision, brains, courage, creativity and passion.

A year later, we have grown in leaps and bounds with a bigger staff compliment and sitting on 935 000 readers – you could say from zero to hero!

I do not want to dwell much into the organisational structure but on the achievements and strides we have made thus far as we celebrate our success.

We are not blowing our own trumpet but numbers do not lie and results are there on the ground.

We have become the readers’ choice, as we remain guided by our mission statement that is bordered on factual, credible and independent reportage.

Our cutting edge, which centres on investigative journalism, has shaken the corridors of power, exposed corporate governance flaws in State enterprises, including the private sector corruption.

Our exposés have become the microcosm of the macrocosm in the fight against corruption.

In retrospect, it is us who unearthed the scandal at Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (Caaz) which saw the arrest of the entity’s chief executive David Chawota.

We were to again embark on a seemingly dangerous investigative  undercover mission at Gaika Mine in Kwekwe.

It took a month to uncover the illegal activities spearheaded by Zanu PF bigwigs who then were abusing property rights of the bonafide owners of the gold rich mine.

As a result of our investigations and exposés, the government deployed the military to cordon off the mine and the rightful owners were awarded full ownership.

In the same investigations, Chief Justice Luke Malaba was prompted to summon former Mbizo parliamentarian Vongai Mupeperi, who was alleged to be the kingpin of the illegal mine takeover.

We also first reported on the rot at National Social Security Authority (NSSA), which eventually saw former Cabinet minister Prisca Mupfumira’s arrest.

In February 2019, we ‘prophesied’ her ouster following revelations she was leaking information from Zanu PF’s politburo meetings and it came to pass when she was eventually ejected in the same meeting towards end of 2019.

The Mines ministry vehicles scandal that we broke saw the Mashonaland Central provincial office being closed by Mines minister Winston Chitando.

We do not take pride in destroying companies or individuals, but we are merely a watchdog that keeps politicians in checks and balance.

We believe that is the role of the Fourth Estate to entertain, inform and educate society.

Our aim is to take society from where it is to where it should be. Hold those in positions of authority o account for whatever they do.

Journalism is different from public relations, it may mean writing what someone does not want based on facts.

This month, we exposed the corruption in the army through Abel Karowangoro’s expose’ on one top soldier, Brigadier General Hlanganani Dube, who was nabbed for stealing 30 tonnes of beef meant for army recruits.

It opened a can of worms of abuse of property.

As we celebrate our first anniversary, we will obviously host a banquet at a local hotel to cap our success with pomp and fanfare!

In our quest for objective journalism, one of our journalists, Fani Mapfumo, was beaten by the Zimbabwe Republic Police in the line of duty.

The pint sized reporter stood tall in pursuit of coming out with the real story packaged with visuals and images.

Journalism is not a crime and we will take police to task.

In all our reportage, we have received only one lawsuit, from Bitumen World, in an article penned by chief reporter, Phil Jambaya, wherein he correctly stated information derived from Auditor General Mildred Chiri’s audit report.

The matter is in courts and we stand by our story, it is not fictitious or a figment of our imagination.

It is on record in an audit report submitted to Finance minister Mthuli Ncube.

We value our readers’ support and we pledge to continue providing objective and quality content.

However, we vow never to be gagged and we believe he who alleges also has the burden to prove, hence we make it a policy to give the right to respond to those negatively affected.

We have a very dedicated, young team who are raring to go and their shelf life is still intact.

The media landscape is evolving and we will be part of the evolution and adopt trends.

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