Simba Chikore saga: Inspection- in -loco exposes bitter Zim Airways employee

An inspection -in -loco was conducted at the Zimbabwe Airways offices to ascertain the testimony of a former Human Resources manager’s testimony in the case of former AirZim boss Simba Chikore.

The inspection in loco which was conducted proved that the testimony of Simon Masakasa who alleged that he had seen what transpired when Bertha Zakeyo was being detained from his compartment at the building was false and emanating from his bitterness against Chikore.

The distance that he had described and the setup was incorrect and hence he could not have given his testimony as an eye witness as is required by law.

A Harare court has ruled that there will be an inspection in loco at the Robert Mugabe Airport offices to try and corroborate the conflicting evidence led by State witnesses and the former Presidents son-in-law, Simba Chikore.

Chikore’s lawyer Jonathan Samukange had applied for the inspection in loco to prove to the court that the State witnesses were doctoring evidence in an attempt to nail the former airline boss.

After an intense cross-examination by Samukange, Masakasa admitted that he had made stories against Chikore out of bitterness for his impromptu termination of contract with the airline as he told the court that he was angry for being fired from his position.

Chikore is facing charges of unlawful detention. He allegedly had Zimbabwe Airways legal head Bertha Zakeyo detained for two hours at the airline’s offices in June last year.

Chikore is jointly charged with Safeguard security guard Simbarashe Mutimbe. The two are out on $30 bail.