Auditor general Mildred Chiri: The lone voice of reason against corruption

Sometimes our society denigrates women, women are not celebrated for doing good things but there is only one voice of reason which has been exposing corruption year in year out.

Zimbabweans should applaud the work which is being done by the Auditor General Mildred Chiri.

Corruption is the cancer which has been killing our beloved country. Corruption is being done from the roots of our society up to the leaves and branches of our beloved country and this has seen our country failing to realise its potential.
The corruption which we have seen in this country is so alarming, parastatals and  government departments are not spared.

We have the Police who we expect to arrest the actors in corruption but surprisingly the recent audit by the Auditor General did not spare the Police, well i have to ask who will police the police if they are all actors of corruption.
Our Judiciary system has also not been spared from allegations of graft.

Despite lack of proof, the judiciary system has become one of the government entities where the poor have failed to access justice at the expense of the rich.

The danger we have as a country is that it seems as if we only have one person fighting corruption  and this anomaly should be addressed if we  want our country to prosper.
Talk of cartels in the justice delivery system has dented this important arm of the state.
Zimbabwe needs divine intervention as it takes the anti graft crusdea step forward to free itself from the bondage and shackles of corruption.

We all need to have our hands on the deck in the fight against corruption.

Police should investigate, the judiciary should prosecute and the powers that be should be ready to show political will and act to brung this cancer to an end.

It will be a great disservice to the work being done by people such as Chiri if no action is taken against corruption crusaders.