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Rusape Father in Scandalous Affair with Daughter-in-Law

Rusape Father Embroiled in Scandalous Affair with Daughter-in-Law, Faces Court Battle

Isaac Marowa, a daring father from Rusape, has once again landed in court after being embroiled in a scandalous affair with his own daughter-in-law. Following a previous fine of five cattle for dating his son’s wife, Isaac now finds himself facing further consequences for his recurring transgressions.

Violation of Matrimonial Boundaries

Isaac, hailing from Masvosva Village, was once again summoned to Chief Makoni’s court for engaging in an inappropriate relationship. This time, his romantic involvement was with his son Bartholomew Marowa’s wife, Forget Marowa.

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In February 2022, Isaac was initially found guilty of dating his daughter-in-law when Bartholomew stumbled upon explicit love messages exchanged between Isaac and Forget on her cellphone. Consequently, Bartholomew expelled Forget from their marital home, but he eventually forgave her and welcomed her back. However, Bartholomew soon discovered that the illicit romance between his wife and father had not ceased.

Love Messages and Secret Meetings

During the recent court proceedings, Bartholomew revealed damning evidence. The daughter-in-law had saved Isaac’s contact as “YYU” in her phone, and the two continued to exchange affectionate messages. The messages even disclosed plans for discreet encounters in Rusape, away from prying eyes. Bartholomew passionately expressed his frustration before the community court, stating, “This is my second time coming before this court, suing my father for dating my wife. He is still seeing my wife.”

Denials Amidst Mounting Evidence

Isaac vehemently denied the allegations of an affair with his daughter-in-law. He claimed that his son was merely suspicious and lacked concrete evidence. Forget also refuted any involvement with her father-in-law, asserting that her phone was always in the possession of her husband.

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Verdict and Penalties

Despite their denials, Chief Makoni’s court found Isaac guilty of adultery and imposed a fine of two cattle. Additionally, he was convicted of the serious offense of incest and was fined one beast.

Moreover, Isaac was ordered to compensate his son by handing over two goats as reimbursement for the legal expenses incurred during the lawsuit.


Disturbing incidents between fathers and daughters-in-law are a rising societal problem, reaching extreme measures like murder. iBulawayo’s recent article emphasizes the crisis, expressing urgent worries about affected family members’ safety.