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Rachel J bounces back

AFFABLE songstress Rachel Jambaya better known by her moniker Rachel J bounced back after a short hiatus where she had redirected her energy on President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s biography.

She has teased her fans with a new single simply titled Strong Black Men.

Since her debut album Rachel J has been consistently churning out hit after it with some collaborations including Sniper Storm, Lady Squanda, Enzo Ishall and Soul Jah Love and Jonah Chivasa.Strong Black Men opens with a touching monologue movie style and Rachel J is up to the task.

“To every black man out there know you are special and we appreciate you! God created you with a purpose greater than what you can imagine.

“This song is for you, to celebrate every milestone.Continue to Lead, Protect, Love and Provide for your families and society at large.

“You are A STRONG BLACK MAN. Remember gold is tested by fire and a strong man is tested by adversity . . . remain conquerors.

#StrongBlackManVIDEO OUT MONDAY 29 NOVEMBER 2021 @ 10am SUBCRIBE TO RacheljVEVO…/UCcaLR9d0LXu0bTcFfP1Kz2w/videos She wrote on her official page.

The trailer features some stunning eye-catching footage shot from above in a scene reminiscent of the American star Beyonce. So it’s appropriate that Rachel J dressed in colourful floral number struts her stuff in this clip against the backdrop of a tropical rainforest setting.Strong Black Men is her newest track, but Rachel J has also released other singles on Vevo which have received a lot of attention from her fans. Her earlier singles include: Ngoro, Hallelujah, and Makwikwi.