Protest: We warn Doomsayers and Puppets-Togarepi

Pupurai Togarepi

Zanu PF Youth League Secretary Pupurai Togarepi has warned the MDC Alliance ahead of their planned demonstration on 16 August.

Togarepi said that doomsayers and puppets and preparing for violent protests will be met by equal measures of the law.

“The month of August is sacred no doomsayer, puppets and puppeteers will test our patience.

“We believe in the constitution and the rights enshrined therein but we must warn our brothers in the MDC Alliance that every right comes with responsibility.

“Failure to observe peace will have catastrophic consequences on the conveners,” said Togarepi.

In January the MDC and its sister organisation Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union carried a violent demonstration.

The planned demonstration will be a lutmus test for the MDC as many people are expressing some reservations saying the protests are always becoming violent.

“We are tired with these demonstrations that are highjacked and turn violent.

“So far nothing meaningful has been achieved after each and every protest,” said one vendor in Harare.

The MDC youths have vowed to mount political pressure on the Emmerson Mnangagwa adminsitration saying it has failed to turn around the economy.


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