Prison guards arrested for stealing inmates’ food

A gang of four correctional service officers who stole thousands of kilograms of food stuff at Harare Central Prison before staging a break in to cover up their tracks will face the full wrath of the law.

Rukudzo Konje (42), Rhoda Mawadze (37), Avellino Muchawa (42) and Margret Chikwature (30) will  on June 18 stand trial before a Harare Magistrate on charges of theft.

Their dismal attempt at concealing the crime however failed to deter the officer in charge from conducting an internal audit.

After the audit was carried, it was realised that 1 447.8 kgs of sugar, 166.8kgs of salt, 217.58kgs chicken and 3 023.3 kgs were missing.

Allegations are that Konje is employed as a principal correctional officer at Harare Central Prison and was in charge of rations office while the other three were

attached under her.

On several occasions during the period extending from August to December last year, the quartet would steal various prisoners’ rations and share among themselves. The happenings were allegedly witnessed by inmates as they did not try to hide it.

It is alleged that Assistant Commissioner Never Kambiza the officer in charge got information to the effect that prisoners’ rations were being stolen by the four.

During the process of investigation, the four allegedly connived and stage  managed an unlawful entry into the premises committed under aggravated circumstances to the effect that the ration store room had been broken into all in a bid to cover up their offence.

The officer in charge Kambizi made a police report to the effect that the prison facility had been broken into. He however went on to request an internal audit for the kitchen.

It was later discovered that 1 447.8 kgs of sugar, 166.8kgs of salt, 217.58kgs chicken and 3 023.3 kgs beans were missing.