Potraz reaches out to Zesa


POSTAL Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) said load shedding is crippling the smooth flow of business and telecommunications as Mobile Network Operators(MNOs) are struggling to buy fuel to operate generators.

Addressing consumers in Mahusekwa last week , Potraz head of consumer affairs and publicity said load shedding is not only disrupting service delivery for MNOs but also leading to revenue retention for the government.

“Every transaction lost to load-shedding translates to revenue loss for the government “ he said.

Manyaya also noted that their company and Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) are undergoing negotiations in oder for Zesa to improve electricity supply to telecommunications operators.

“Potraz is negotiating with power utility Zesa to improve electrity supply to telecommunications operators. “

Manyaya said telecommunication companies have lost intergrity of their services which is important for social and business communications.

“There is need to improve power supply inorder to guarantee the integrity of their services , which is critical for both social and business communications “ said Manyaya.

Meanwhile, there seems to be light as Zesa and Eskom have agreed on a payment plan to pay the outstanding debt and they have struck another deal in which Eskom will continue to supply electricity to the country.

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