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Police seek mining consultant over threats to shoot property evaluators

GWANDA – Mining consultant Dave Thompson could face prosecution on charges of intimidation with a firearm after he allegedly threatened to shoot property assessors who were inspecting a property where he was resident.

Thompson could also face a further charge of use of racial slur after he allegedly offended and degraded Tafadzwa Bondoro by calling him a baboon.

Thompson, who has previously owned and operated a mining enterprise in Matabeleland South, is being sought by Gwanda police to ascertain the accusations.

Bondoro reported the incident to the police, saying, “On November 26, 2022, Kevin Satiya and I approached the D Thompson residence gate (Stand 584, 1st Avenue Extension) and I rang the bell.”

“A male person appeared from the outside and asked how he could assist. l asked if we could see Mr. Dave Thompson. The attendant entered the property through the gate into the residence.

“Mr. Thompson came down to the gate from his front door and identified himself. He was holding a rifle. He said ‘l came with this because l was told there are ‘baboons’ by the gate that is why l am here with this rifle in hand.’

“Mr. Thompson’s use of the word ‘baboons’ and the tone of his voice made it absolutely clear to us what he meant – a racial slur. I felt insulted and degraded as a result of his word ‘baboons,” Bondoro told the police.

“Mr. Thompson then asked if there was a problem. I responded that there was no problem at all. He then asked how he could help us. I advised him that we were from F&T (Vubachikwe mine) and wished to ask what time would be convenient for Rawson, a firm of professional property appraisers, to complete a property evaluation of the stand as it was part of F&T’s real estate holdings in Gwanda.

“Mr Thompson then responded: ‘You should never worry about this property it is on a long lease agreement, you can go to any other property but not this one and Fenton’s property.’

“He then said we shouldn’t bother coming back at his place ‘or else,’ he then shook his rifle looking at it and then looked at us in a way that was clearly saying ‘he will shoot us.’

“As a result of Mr Dave Thompson’ actions we felt and believed our lives were at risk and we hurriedly departed. I was very unnerved and felt fear for my physical well-being and my life. Kevin was in a state of shock and completely traumatized. Mr Dave Thompson did not have any right to act in the manner he did.”