Police scuttle civil servants’ sanctioned demo….as teachers declare incapacitation

The rogue officers are technically charging 'protection fees' to these dealers where they work in cliques with marked territories.

THE  Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP)  has on Wednesday acted in complete negation of their commitment to allow the civil servants demo, Zim Morning Post can reveal.

The police sanctioned the demo but made a dramatic U-Turn on Wednesday and barricaded the demonstrators confining them to the APEX head office located along Herbert Chitepo road in Harare.

The cops sealed off the road and ordered protestors not to march beyond a 100 metres radius.

The march was schedule to start at 11am from the APEX council offices to Kaguvi Building and to the new  government complex.

In an interview with the APEX council secretary general David Dzatsunga,  police is reported  to haveblocked them to march to the respective places that they wanted to go.

“ As you can see that police are all over here and deployed everywhere to block us to   march to the places where we wanted to go and air our grievances ,”said Dzatsunga.

 “We wanted  to conduct a peaceful march but  suddenly we are shocked with the rate of police deployment, such   that some of us have not come in fear of violent attacks,”said Dzatsunga .

“The police have blocked the road that the civil servants wanted to march and yet they sanctioned our demo,”said Dzatsunga.

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