HCC reinstates 12 months housing waiting list period

HARARE City Council (HCC) recently reinstated the 12 months housing waiting list renewal period up from the current six months.

According to minutes from the city’s Education, Health, Housing and Community Services and Licensing committee, the Director of Housing Admore Nhekairo recommended reinstatement of the 12 months period.

Nhekairo said council had already approved an increase in the waiting list application fees on condition that the renewal period was pegged at 12 months intervals.

“HCC has been facing challenges to implement the six months housing waiting period before renewal because the applicants’ waiting list registration expired once the initial six months lapsed,” Nhekairo said.

Nhekairo also said with the current six months waiting period arrangement, residents found it difficult to be allocated residential stands hence the request to have the old waiting list arrangement reinstated.

HCC said it would issue a Press statement soon to justify the increase in the waiting list fees, adding that the current operational six months waiting list framework would be shelved pending reinstatement of the 12 months arrangement.

The new changes are due for implementation as soon as logistical issues are put in place.

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