Nico D- Rn B ‘s unsung hero

His soothing voice can make the whole family sing along in the living room and ladies squeal with admiration. The hit songs he has released have dominated local radio chart shows and his Midas Touch on collaborations with some of the big names in the industry have reverberated the airwaves.

One would think this artiste is a head – turner every time he walks or drives by the streets of Harare , but he cruises just like an ordinary man. Nonetheless, he was and is one of the most talented vocalists in the urban grooves movement but his ‘heroes anthem’ is yet to be sung. Born Nicholas Dadiso Katuruza some twenty something years ago in Bulawayo, he was later to christen himself Nico D as a trade name. He started his musical career at the tender age of 15 after being inspired by EXQ.

His first recorded song was at Chigutiro studios before he was roped into Sanii Makhalima’s Umsindo Records.

This Umsindo affair was a platform for his exposure as he met several other established artistes and exchanged notes.

His first hit under the Makhalima stable was titled Huya Ndikuratidze. Asked on how he felt when he first listened to his song on radio , Nico D said

“It was so surreal to hear my own voice streaming over the airwaves and receiving calls from friends and family congratulating me as well as confirming my God given talent”.

After high school he got a professional job and began to juggle between music and work.

His previous hits include, Ndoda Kuva Newe featuring Victor Dee, Swedera ft Macdee, Ndazomuwana ft Simross & Maita Shonga ft Noble Stylz.

However, after a long break due to unsatisfactory health, Nico D has returned with a bang, unleashing an untampered and unrepenting sound so loved by his fan base and his songs always dominate the charts.

He teamed up with Trevor Dongo on the hit song called Tsinga Dzemoyo which dominated on the national airwaves.

He is currently riding high with his collaboration with MTM dancehall chanter Nutty O and the song was produced by Rodyney Beatz, a low profile keyboard talisman who has produced big hits like EXQ’s Nzenza, Setter Pace by Cindy among other hits like Magetsi by Soul Jah love.