New currency release: More forex dealers trickle back into CBD


ILLEGAL foreign currency dealers are trickling back in the Central Business District despite the current lockdown regulations.

After the introduction of the new currency Tuesday, money changers on Wednesday sprouted in the CBD with the new currency.

In an investigation by Zim Morning Post the ‘money changers’ have adopted a new modus operandi where they dress like office executives armed with fake exemption letters to hoodwink the police. The bases include Market Square, Copacabana terminus and Fast Food outlets among others.

Recently, the Zimbabwe Republic Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told Zim Morning Post that they are going to arrest illegal money changers.

During the lockdown money changers, were a few in the CBD as they would not meet the requirement to be in the CBD.

Speaking to one the money changers in town, he told this publication that, since the announcement, the indefinite end of the lockdown was now coming to town.

“We are happy that we are back in business and confidently with the new currency we have already with, “the money changer said.

“Police are our friends if we are not around definitely they will starve so we have managed to find letters to enter into the CBD,” he said.

“The issue of the new currency it’s no a big deal to us because we have the first access to it. I can not tell you where we get the money because of certain reasons,” he added.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe recently announced that they have identified the fugitive illegal money changer who went viral on social media showing the bundles of ZWL5 notes

The matter has been taken to the law enforcement agents.

There has been growing concerns on the source of the money, with some pointing fingers at rogue central bank officials including those of in the ‘feared’ Financial Intelligence Unit.

Zim Morning Post understands that one of the most prominent dealers who supplies the market (name withheld) is housed at Joina City and had his Bureau De Change licence cancelled a fortnight ago but was, however, immediately nullified by the monetary authorities under unclear circumstances.

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