Mufurudzi Game Park gold claim: My hands are clean -Rushwaya

THE Zimbabwe Mining Federation president, Henrietta Rushwaya, on Tuesday distanced herself from the Maungwa story published Monday by Zim Morning Post.

This publication is in possession of papers shown by Rushwaya which indicate that the latter has been mining in the Mufurudzi Game Park since 2017, under a gold mining company called Relm.

According to papers availed to Zim Morning Post, Relm Mining was granted a Special Grant (SG) in 2017 by the Mines ministry which again was renewed in 2019 and is valid until 2021.

“My mine, in the Mufurudzi Game Park, has been in existence since 2017, so it boggles the mind that I would move my mine, which is about 8km away from the area in question,” Rushwaya said.

“I am happy where I am since it’s richer and bigger than the 10 hectares in question.”

“For the record, I got the SG to mine prior to director general Mangwaya was appointed to his post,” she added.

With regards the John Maungwa dispute with Chantelle Chikafu, who was masquerading as Chantelle Mnangagwa, Rushwaya said:

”As ZMF, we will always protect the interests of our affiliates, of which Maungwa is.”

“We cannot allow a situation where our small-scale miners get elbowed out from their claims where they have been operating from since 2001 by people who come waving SGs acquired in 2019, simply because they will have bulldozed their way through false pretences.”

“Our miner is currently mining at his claim because of our interventions as ZMF, and we shall continue to protect his interests.”

The ZFM president added that whoever was not the owner of Wickman should not purport to be Maungwa’s business partner, saying as an entity representing small-scale miners, to stop fleecing their miner of his hard earnings by pretending to be his partners.

Rushwaya said those wishing to enter into gold mining should approach ZFM, which she said was always ready assist them:

Zimbabwe is endowed with a lot of mineral resources so those who wish to go into mining can contact the ZMF offices for assistance,” she continued.

When contacted for a comment, Maungwa expressed gratitude to the ZMF leadership, saying they had rendered him full support to at a time he was on the verge of loosing his mine to some powerful people.

“ZMF has been very supportive from the day I presented my case to them,” he said.

“Rushwaya, in particular, who has had claims in the game park way before my dispute with Chantelle.”

“There and is a distance of more than 5km from my mine to her claims. I am mining at Svisvamoyo and she is at Chester.”

“So, these are two different places altogether. She is to the eastern side of my mine,” he added.

Meanwhile, Zim Morning Post is in possession of documents showing that Maungwa’s Wickman Mine is a steady supplier of bullion to Fidelity Printers, as indicated by the August 19 reference number, SG 202800.