Mt Darwin girl successfully undergoes operation


    A 16-year-old Sharon Chirata who suffered serious burns when she was young had a successful operation carried out by a plastic surgeon following the intervention of Impala Car Rental.

    Tracy Ngoma, Impala Brand and Projects Manager said the successful operation had already improved Sharon’s ability to lift her arm while she is set to continue consulting an aesthetician until she is 100 percent back to her normal condition before the burns.

    “She is going to do some of the things in terms of aesthetics in the face in stages, so we may have stage 2 to do final touches as the condition she was had gone for a long time that some of the blood veins had hardened especially on the neck and mouth, to ensure that she is 100 percent back to normal,” said Ngoma.

    Sharon who wants to go back to school said she is happy though she feared for the worst during the operation.

    “I want to thank Impala Car Rental for the assistance and the operation I went through, I was scared of the operation but I am happy that it was successful,” she said.

    Sharon’s father Peter Chirata thanked Impala Car Rental and the anonymous doctor for assisting his daughter saying the condition she is under right now is quite different.

    “I want to thank Impala Car Rental and anyone else who assisted my daughter, you can see that she is now different from how she was before, I am very thankful,” he said.

    Ngoma said the operation done to Sharon has made a difference as she is now able to lift her arm, something she could not do before.
    Impala Car Rental will also pay Sharon’s school fees as well as working with Musasa Project to ensure to gets a birth certificate.

    Sharon’s biological father died some time ago. She was abandoned by her mother together with her twin sister Shelter, until they were taken into the care of their uncle and his wife.


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