Most wanted ISIS terrorist killed in US military raid in Syria

UNITED States President Donald Trump on Sunday announced the death of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s death in a United States military operation in Syria.

Baghdadi, together with his three young children, were killed last night.

Baghdadi’s identity was confirmed on the spot just within 15 minutes of his death through DNA tests.

Military sources revealed that they had kept Baghdadi under surveillance for over two weeks before he was finally tracked and killed.

Trump revealed that 11 other children who were with the ISIS leader at the time of the military operation were retrieved and are reportedly safe in the hands of an unnamed civilian entity.

President Donald Trump (AP Photo)

Baghdadi had retreated into a tunnel from a pursuing US military force when he died.

It is said he died from wounds sustained after he detonated a suicide vest he was wearing.

One of the most wanted terrorist until his death yesterday, Baghdadi had a US25 million reward on his head from the US.

According to military sources, the US military personnel did not have any casualties, only loosing a sniffer dog in the process.

Source: BBC/Additional Reporting by Nicholas Gochai