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Mnangagwa’s Son Rescues Mamombe From Being Attacked In Parliament Fight

Mnangagwa’s Son Emerges As Hero, Rescues Mamombe From Being Attacked In Parliament Fight

Kudakwashe Mnangagwa, President ED Mnangagwa’s son, emerges as a hero, as he rescues Joana Mamombe from being attacked in a parliament fight.

A Confrontation Unfolds

Joana Mamombe in a Parliament Fight

The video reveals a lady dressed in black, believed to be an alleged Zanu PF member, forcefully pulling Joana Mamombe’s jacket. In an attempt to defend herself, Mamombe is seen brandishing an empty water bottle as a makeshift weapon.

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Kuda Mnangagwa Springs into Action

Kuda Rescuing Mamombe

As tensions escalate and the lady in black moves closer to physically confront Mamombe. Fortunately, Kudakwashe Mnangagwa swiftly stepped in to prevent the situation from escalating further. His intervention effectively stops the impending clash.

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Controversial Circumstances Surrounding the Incident

Reports suggest that the video was recorded on the same day that Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda recalled 15 CCC MPs. This move came after Mudenda received a letter from Sengezo Tshabangu. Tshabangu is claiming to be the interim Secretary General of Chamisa party.

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CCC Disavows Tshabangu

Despite Tshabangu’s assertion of being the interim Secretary General, the CCC party has distanced itself from him. CCC’s spokesperson, Promise Mkwananzi, has made it clear that Tshabangu is not a member of the party.

Netizens Reaction To Joana’s Footage


😂😂😂is this for real




😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Mamombe Mnangagwa in near fight


As usual, those who hate President @edmnangagwa like @ZimEy,would love to parrot a narrative that harms his son. So they will not bother to look at the video. Anyway, each to his own prejudices. We believe Joana got lost & found herself in the Zanu PF corner by a silly mistake