Mixed feelings over ZimDollar return

Report by Victor Moyana and Charity Madondo

Zimbabweans have expressed mixed feelings over the return of the local currency (ZimDollar) amid lack of trust and stability of the currency as the country’s sole legal tender.

Most shop owners shared their grievances on the issue, saying that most of their stock is acquired in forex from countries such as South Africa, China, Tanzania and Mozambique.

If business is to survive financially in this situation then there is need to put the train back on the rails in conjunction with massive industrialization in order to satisfy the market with local goods thus reducing the need to hunt for forex with intention of acquiring goods beyond borders.

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One shop owner commented: “if most products were locally manufactured maybe circumstances would have been better however those few industries that are still running claim that they purchase their raw materials from other countries and are charged in forex.”

He also added that if the new policy states a ban on the use of forex, how does the government hope for them to survive especially in circumstances where stock runs out and there is need to acquire new stock.

Citizens also bemoaned the skyrocketing prices of basic commodities.

Shop owners are pricing their goods equivalent to the USD rate so there are send police officers to monitor the rating that is going on at least if that happens things will go well,’’ commented Cynthia Maposa

Some also said they will continue charging in USD because it is a stable currency and of value.