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Minister invites ZIMSHEC to School of mines graduation

Report by Andwatch Mambo

The minister of Mines and Mining development Winston Chitando has invited Zimshec to this year’s annual graduation at school of Mines.

This comes after he visited Zimshec Exhibition stand at Zimbabwe International Trade Fair where the mine entra event took place.

The annual graduation is expected to take place end of August 2022, and respected guest across the globe are expected to attend.

In an interview with Zim Morning Post, Chitando revealed that small-scale miners are becoming a shining community, he indicated that the ASM sector is changing an old perspective of small-scale miners.

“This is very remarkable and impressive, we are very delighted to see the progress in the community of small-scale mines, what they are doing is transforming the mining industry and the nation of Zimbabwe at large”. Said chitando

He further said that Zimshec must be included to every national program in the mining field since the organization now represents great numbers of Small-scale miners in Zimbabwe.

“Zimshec teams are being trained at School of mines, and thus it is of paramount important for them to attend the graduation, and as well as to be awarded with their own certificates in the course that they are currently taking at School of Mines”.

“As the nation, we are proud and inspired by what Zimshec has been doing in the country, their impact is impressive and we are then inviting them to attend this year’s graduation ceremony which we believe will change and inspire them to continue upholding their task of preaching the importance of Safety, Health and Environmental issues in the ASM community,” said Chitando.

In another interview Zimshec programs manager Kundai Chikonzo xplained that the organization is delighted with this invitation to attend the graduation ceremony at School of mines.

“We are happy that we have been invited by the minister to attend the graduation for school of mines.

“The minister proposed that we are going to have our certificates for the first aid course which we completed last month at school of Mines,” Chikonzo opined.

Meanwhile the numbers of those interested in joining the Midlands state University course, with Zimshec members seem to be growing remarkably, this comes after a great crowd at Mine Entra welcomed the concept.