Minister asks youths to mitigate against COVID-19 effects

THE deputy Minister of Youth, Sport,Arts and Recreation Tinoda Machakaire

  • Youth deputy minister urges youths to intensify fight against COVID-19
  • Harare youth in coronavirus sanitiser production hailed

YOUTH, Sports and Culture deputy minister Tinodaishe Machakaire on Tuesday called on the youths to play a pivotal role in the fight against COVID-19.

Machakaire was speaking while on tour in Harare’s Graniteside where Raymond Mutadza is manufacturing hand sanitisers to help prevent the spread of the virus.

“What we are seeing is the role which young people can play during these trying times.

“Let’s all put our shoulders on the deck and ensure that we fight COVID-19 as one,” Machakaire said.

The Youth deputy minister also took the time to raise awareness on how dangerous COVID-19 is, further appealing to the youths not to abuse social media by sending unnecessary jokes about the pandemic.

“COVID-19 is real and sending or forwarding jokes about the pandemic is being irresponsible; you will only realise how real it is when it affects the ones you know and love,” Machakaire remarked.

AIRDE Hygenics began its operations in 2017, manufacturing different8 detergents for use in homes and industries but has decided to spread its wings and go into COVID-19 hand sanitisers production in response to the increasing demand for the product.

“We started operating in 2017, doing different detergents but due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have now had to focus more on hand sanitisers,” Mutadza said.

The company has also installed a hand sanitiser machine at the Central Intelligence Department Headquarters in Harare and plans to install the same equipment at the prisons headquarters now at an advanced stage.

Also in attendance during the tour by Machakaire was Zanu PF secretary for youth Tendai Chirau.

The new Zanu PF youth secretary called on young people to disregard political differences and fight COVID-19 as a united front.

“There is no longer time for politicking.

“It’s time we put our differences aside and confront this pandemic as one. We should also support what people like Mutadza are doing.

“They are helping our communities in the fight against the virus,” Chirau said.

Zimbabwe has so far recorded two cases of coronavirus, with Zororo, son of renowned businessperson and broadcaster, James Makamba, having already succumbed to the pandemic.

The virus has already claimed thousands of people around the globe.

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