Harare woman up for fraud


A HARARE woman on Thursday appeared before magistrate Learnmore Mapiye at the Rotten Row Magistrates’ Courts facing three counts of fraud.

The State’s case is that the woman, Pertners Zvabva, 45, duped the complainant into believing that she was a High Court judge, with intention to defraud the complainant.

On the second account, Zvabva also made a misrepresentation, saying she was able to secure trucks for the complainant.

On the third count, Zvabva is said to have duped four people, claiming she was a British Visa agent.

 Allegations are that sometime in January, Zvabva, acting in connivance with her accomplices who are still at large, connived to defraud complainant. She misrepresented her name to the complainant as Nyasha, a High Court judge and daughter of former minister Edison Zvobgo, saying she was selling her Mabelreign house for US$110 000.00

After having been shown the said house, the complainant expressed interest in buying it and requested for a reduction in the purchase price. As a result, the marked the price down to US$100 000-00, an amount which the complainant eventually paid in full through installments.

On the second count, in March 2019,  Zvabva again misrepresented to the complainant that she was able to secure trucks on behalf of the complainant at affordable prices.  Thereafter, the complainant acting on the instructions of Zvabva gave RTGS20 000.00  to Zvabva as purchase price.

On the third account, Zvabva claimed that if she was paid RTGS10 000.00,  she had the capacity to secure British Visas which the complainant and his four church mates were seeking to attend a church meeting in Britan. The complainant gave Zvabva the money in question and five passports but nothing materialised, resulting in the complainant  asking back their passports from the accused.

More to follow.

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