Mic Inity blasts Zim-dancehall fraternity for mediocrity

No to mediocre: Veteran reggae-dancehall musician Mic Inity

VETERAN reggae-dancehall musician Mic Inity (real name Mike Madamombe) has taken a swipe at the entire Zim-dancehall fratenity which he says celebrates mediocrity, Zim Morning Post Lifestyle can report.

His daggers were aimed at artistes, producers, promoters, journalists and dee-jays (both radio and club).

In an exclusive interview with Zim Morning Post Lifestyle last week, the outspoken United Kingdom based superstar said Zim-dancehall music seems to have a predictable pattern.

He said the quality of music being produced will never make it internationally, unless people are honest with each other and not bootlick artistes or producers

“Jah know king (sic)I see it from a distance my bredren(sic) and my heart bleeds , been watching these online live shows and thought people would really get the chance to hear how pathetic their so called top artistes sound live on stage but to my surprise you see in the comment section people praising and saying this is world class performance, “lamented Mic Inity.

“I guess we as a nation have  gotten so used to mediocrity that it’s becoming normal, of which it shouldn’t like that,” he added.

He said the main culprits were radio dee-jays, journalists and promoters, some of whom wants to get paid to expose budding artistes.

“A lot of talented youths out there with a message, whose music is not heard on the radio due to monopoly in the industry from the so called promoters to radio dee-jays and journalists too.

“Its high time we get rid of that scourge and return the good vibes and quality music back to the people because we owe it to them.

“This kind of vibe that is making noise in Zimbabwe is truly not the representation of dancehall music,” he poured his heart out.

He said the calibre of artistes being praised locally are not being groomed well and will not make it outside of Zimbabwe despite of the talent.

He said the artistic environment was toxic. “Unfortunately, those artistes that are being praised back home are not acknowledged elsewhere as proved in their shows when they travel abroad, they only play to Zim crowds which in my own opinion is no different from playing At a hall back home ,we need to promote music that puts our country on the map on an international scale, as you can see a very good example no one in Zimbabwe knew about Sha Sha until recently when she was nominated for the BET awards and only then do we want to acknowledge her as one of our own , why not start from the grassroots and push such artists without prejudice and not pull them down as has always  been the norm back home,| he said.

He added:

“ Surely, if we put professionalism without bias first , our artists and their music can get the worldwide recognition they deserve but once again like I said before we can only do it together as a united front and avoid praising mediocre artistes.”

He however did not divulge the names of the artistes in question, but it was telling that could have been making reference to the  trending artiste in that genre at the moment – Van Choga.

From grass to glory: Van Choga one of the most trending artistes in the country

The man rose to fame after being signed by Yalanation boss Seh Calaz and rose to be a viral star through his signature shabby deportment, reminiscent of Jamaica’s Gully Bob.

He was to later dump Yalanation in unclear circumstances with rumours that the Yalanation team wanted to ‘dim his light’ and stopped him from certain lucrative endorsements deals.

Meanwhile, Mic Inity said he is working on some community projects in the country to uplift the youths.

At his peak, Mic Inity played before packed crowds at Book Café, Manneberg and later Red Fox.

His entry fees did not come cheap because he understands the business aspect of music, which he urges the current crop of artistes to adopt.

He has shared the stage with big artistes like Capleton, Sizzla Kalonji, Lutan Fya and Elephant Man among others.

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