MDC-T recalls 11 more councillors: Still business as usual in Harare – Mafume

THE Local Government and Public Works minister, July Moyo, on Monday notified the office of the Harare Town Clerk of the recall by MDC-T of another 11 councillors, having recently withdrawn six, Zim Morning Post can report.

The 11 recalled councillors are Lovemore Makuwerere (Ward 24), Gilbert Hadebe (Ward 39), Munyaradzi Kufahakutizwi (Ward19), Simon Mapanzure (Ward 34), Charles Chidhabhu (Ward 30), Keith Charumbira (Ward 8), Steven Dhliwayo (Ward 40), Barnabas Ndira (Ward 21), Chihoma Runyowa (Ward 29), Charles Nyatsuro (Ward 6), and Enoch Mupamawonde (Ward 35).

This brings to 17 the total number of Harare councillors so far recalled by the MDC-T since a judgement handed down by the Supreme Court at the end of March.

The March Supreme Court ruling handed control of the mainstream MDC to Thokozani Khupe.

The court ruled that MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa had irregularly assumed leadership of the largest opposition party in the country.

Only last week, Harare councillors held in-house elections to select former mayor Herbert Gomba’s replacement after he was recalled.

The two factions, MDC-T and MDC Alliance, sponsored different candidates.

In the internal elections, it was Jacob Mafume of MDC Alliance who marginally beat MDC-T candidate Luckson Mukunguma by 19 to 14 votes, winning the Harare mayoral post.

Zim Morning Post asked Mafume the implication of such a recall on services delivery in the capital.

“We will still proceed as council as we are able to form a quorum.What it means is that there are certain wards that (presently) do not have representation,” he said.

“By-elections are going to be held, so that should take care of those wards that do not currently have representation. So, the situation is under control. We will proceed to provide services. In the meantime, we will try and sort out the politics,” he added.

Douglas Mwonzora, secretary general of the mainstream MDC, concurred with Mafume, saying it would be business as usual at Town House with regards to services delivery, adding that the recall of councillors would still leave council with a quorum to proceed with municipality business.