MDC-A mayor ‘endorses’ Mnangagwa……..agrees to dialogue

Recently elected Movement For Democratic Change Alliance (MDC-A) Chitungwiza mayor Lovemore Maiko has acted in complete negation of his principal’s policies and ‘endorsed’ President Emmerson Mnangagwa and gladly accepted his invitation for dialogue at his Munhumutapa Offices.

Mnangagwa announced the invitation on Friday while   addressing people who had gathered at Zengeza 1 grounds   in  Chitungwiza where he had joined a clean-  up exercise to recognize the National Clean Up Day which is held at on the first Friday of every month.

“The griviance you gave me Cde mayor is that you only have access of water for two days a week and I am not aware of the reason.

“I therefore request you to find a day and have dialogue with me at my offices and air all your grievances so that we find solutions,” said Mnangagwa.

In his response, Maiko who appeared ‘star struck’ waxed lyrical about the opportunity to visit Mnangagwa’s ‘esteemed office’ and vowed that he will definitely be “knocking at your doors soon”.

“Im glad that you have actually  invited me to your esteemed office and I will make use of that opportunity to ensure that we discuss all our grievances.

“His (sic)Excellency, I would also want to say Mr President that Chitungwiza with its population of over 400 000 we do not have our own source of water,” he said.

MDC-A leader Nelson Chamisa has categorically stated that his party does not recognize the legitimacy of Mnangagwa’s presidency and Maiko’s behavior poured cold water on the party’s stance as it was a complete negation of his principal  ‘s pronouncement.

Political analysts submitted that Maiko risked being labeled a renegade by his party’s presidium for accepting the invitation .

“The young man seemed so happy to see Mnangagwa face to face. It looks like he had seen him on television and in newspapers so when he was invited he was so excited and forgot his party policies which  guides him.

“As a mayor who won the position on an MDC-A ticket he must stand guided by his principal and party principles which articulately state that they do not recognize Mnangagwa as president.

‘He (Maiko) has the audacity to refer to him as Your Excellency, I smell trouble for this boy (Maiko).Knowing Nero(Chamisa) as I do, he will not be amused that his supposed foot soldiers are behaving as such,” said a senior MDC-A official who spoke on condition of anonymity.