Mathema hallucinating say striking teachers


Mathema hallucinating say striking teachers

AMALGAMATED Rural Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (Artuz) on Thursday said Primary and Secondary Education minister Cain Mathema continues to make inconsiderate decisions, further crippling the education sector, Zim Morning Post can report.

Mathema claims there are enough education workers reporting for duty which, according to Artuz, is not true.

“The recent claim by minister Mathema that there are enough teachers to take on examination classes is the biggest joke of the Century,” Artuz said.

The teachers’ union also claimed to have carried out investigations aimed at finding out if teachers who had reported back to their centres were enough to both teach and invigilate examinations classes.

“From the research that we carried out yesterday, only 2 percent of teachers across Zimbabwe are reporting for duty,” Artuz said.

Adding to the worrisome situation, Artuz revealed that some of the teachers currenty teaching were not qualified to do so, particularly considering the areas of specialisation for the different ‘O’ level subjects.

“The few teachers that Mathema claims to be in schools are not qualified to teach the majority of ‘O’ Level subjects,” the teachers’ union added.

Artuz has called for a 14-day stayaway for all education workers who feel incapacitated.

In the words of Artuz, the strike is not illegal and if anyone is threatened with a charge, the employer must first seek a show-cause order before the courts.

The union has further urged the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (Zimsec) to stall examinations until next year.

“There’s no learning taking place in schools.

“We, therefore, are continously urging government to postpone the Zimsec public examinations from December 1, 2020 to March 2021,” Artuz added.

“Afterwards, we should collectively establish an Education Transition Model where we accommodate the current 2020 examination classes from January to March 2021,” he further noted.

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