Marry Chiwenga condemned to second remand prison stint in two months

Mary Chiwenga - Picture by Kudakwashe Hunda
  • State alleges Marry slapped maid once on left cheek and left her with a deep cut and shaking teeth
  • Magistrate berates Marry, says she has no regard for law and does not learn from mistakes
  • Marry to fight for her freedom from remand prison

HARARE magistrate Bianca Makwande Saturday condemned Marry Chiwenga to her second stint in remand prison in as many months after she appeared in court charged with the crime of assault. 

Makwande threw out Marry’s bail application ruling that she has shown “a propensity to commit similar offences” and “does not learn from her mistakes.”

The offence came as the embattled wife to Vice President Constantino Chiwenga is out on bail on charges of attempting to kill her husband.

She is also facing charges of money laundering and fraud. For those charges, the former mode languished in state custody for nearly three weeks before being granted bail by High Court judge Pisirai Kwenda.

She was ordered to pay Z$50,000 bail and to surrender title deeds to a Highlands home offered by her father Keni Mubaiwa as surety

On Saturday, Harare magistrate magistrate Makwande ordered that she remain in custody pending trial commencement on her latest charges of assault.

Marry is likely to appeal at the High Court. 

Makwande ruled that while Marry was out on bail, following attempted murder charges, she went on to commit assault which has similar traits with attempted murder as there is use of violence.

“She showed that she has disregard for the law,” said Makwande, “and went on to commit this offence knowing fully that she had a pending case and the court will not take it lightly.”

Marry clashed with one Delight Munyoro, a housemaid who looks after her children after she had stormed Hellenic Primary School to take custody of her son Michael Chiwenga.

A few days earlier she had been granted custody of her children by a High Court judge to which Chiwenga immediately filed an appeal.

Prosecutors alleged that on January 29 at Hellenic Primary School, Borrowdale, Marry unlawfully committed an act of assault on her maid, Munyoro.

Munyoro, a female adult aged 36, is the house maid and looks after Marry’s children, the court heard.

Prosecutors alleged that Marry struck Munyoro on the left cheek using the back side of her left hand following an altercation at Hellenic Primary School.

Marry is said to have called Munyoro a witch and that she could not allow a witch to take care of her children.

She is also said to have accused Munyoro of meddling in the tug-of-war for the custody of the children between her and Chiwenga.

State alleges that Munyoro remained quiet before Marry struck her once on the left cheek using the back side of her hand.

As a result of the assault, the court heard, Munyoro sustained a cut on the left side of her mouth and her teeth were shaking.


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