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Makomborero Haruziviishe released after 10 months in jail

Makomborero Haruziviishe released after 10 months in jail

Prominent MDC Alliance activist Makomborero Haruziviishe who had been in pre-trial detention for nearly 10 months was released from prison on Saturday.

Haruziviishe was imprisoned after he defaulted court early this year before he was also convicted for resisting law officers and incitement charges.

“The applicant is facing political offences. It is indeed clear activism. It’s not a serial offence when you are someone consistent in activism,” Lovemore Madhuku told the High court judges Justices Rodgers Manyangadze and Joseph Chilimbe.

“He is doing it within the confines of the law except for a case in which he has already been convicted on, however he has already shown the court that he has prospects of success after he was granted bail pending appeal. The case is he is always saying that “I want to air my political concerns,” added Madhuku.

He also said Haruzivishe did not kidnap anyone as alleged however noting these were triable issues.

Justice Manyangadze asked why bail was not filed soon after the commission of the offence.

Madhuku replied that Haruzivishe was facing three different offences and in the second offence, participating in a gathering, which is political activism, the legal practitioners thought it did not make any sense to make an application because he already had his bail cancelled.

The judge said the court is worried that the cases tend to stray to the issue of public disorder and not only political activism.

“There is assurance from the applicant that he will conduct his politics within the confines of the constitution. He is also promising to abide by his bail conditions,” Madhuku said.

The judges granted Haruziviishe an order to pay ZW$20 000, continue residing at his given address and to report twice a week at the police.

The 29-yea-old promised not default on his bail and to carry out his activism within the confines of the law.