Majome speaks on ZACC appointment

One of the just sworn in Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commissioner (ZACC) Jessie Majome  who is the former MDC ’s Secretary for Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs has spoken out on her appointment by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Majome has been exposed to a barrage of criticism from some MDC party members for allegedly ‘selling out’ by accepting Mnangagwa’s appointment.

She has however stood her ground and categorically stated that she has no regrets with her decision to accept national duty.

“I was selected by the Parliamentary committee on standing rules and orders which comprises of members of parliament, some of them being members of the MDC,” she said.

It is uncalled for anyone to be calling me out as a sell-out because even the MDC members in this committee had a say in this regardless of the fact that I am no longer a member of the MDC.

“Members of the MDC should know this, I had my issues with them and this is why I withdrew from the party and continued on my own as an independent candidate, a clear indication of our differences.

“As a party that is waiting for its turn in government, it should know the importance of these independent commissions and respect them. Those who are criticising me should respect people’s choices needless to say that I am no longer actively participating in politics as I left that road a long time ago.

“Corrupt individuals are trying to fight this but we will fight against corruption and do our job.”

Constitutional commissions like ZACC strengthen democracy and help destroy the cancer that has engulfed all our systems.

I am actually happy that I made it into this commission which will play a pivotal role in improving the lives of the people.”

Majome is a lawyer by profession and has been very vocal in anti-corruption drive and women empowerment.

She was Harare West MDC legislator and her candid talk saw her blasting MDC leader Nelson Chamisa for unprocedurally allowing Joana Mamombe to contest her in the primary elections.

She was to later withdraw her candidature saying the whole process was not fair. Her appointment will contribute to the anti-graft fight since she has been described as a no-nonsense woman who is not susceptible to bribes, cannot be gagged by ‘gifts’ or intimidated by threats.

If MDC supporters do not know the importance of such a commission then the leadership have a huge task in terms of educating the people.

These commission help the balance of power. It is important to know the role of the State, Party and individuals in this whole matrix. The president simply played his role as mandated by the constitution. I was selected by a parliamentary portifolio,” she said.