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Machete-wielding robbers terrorize Zimbabwe town

GLENDALE — Residents and businesses in Glendale, a town in Mashonaland Central province, are living in fear of suspected machete-wielding robbers who have been targeting farmers and miners.

The town has seen an influx of artisanal miners who fled from the nearby Jumbo area after police cracked down on illegal and unsafe mining activities a few weeks ago. Some of the miners have turned to violent crime, robbing and mugging people in pubs, streets and homes.

Norbert Mazungunye, the legislator for Mazowe South, said he will hold a meeting with the community to find ways to address the problem.

“We are under attack as a community; we have about three serious cases so far having been reported to the police. I will be soon meeting residents and the business community so that we find ways of addressing the challenges affecting our society,” he said.

Police confirmed the increase in armed robberies and said they are working to arrest the culprits. They also urged the public to avoid traveling at night and keeping large sums of cash at home or business premises.